Welcome to Shot the the Dark Scare Tools!

Check out the new Mini-Gun!

We finally have some video of our co2 products. We have three new co2 products, PalmBlaster, GasMask and BoobieBlaster.

Check out the discounted prices on spark gloves and spark claws. Take advantage of our Mid-West Haunters Con. sale. Spark systems at half price!

Check out the new DemonClaws. It's like our spark gloves but with the sparks at your finger tips. These also connect to the old glove system. So you can connect to the old spark system with these. $275 for just gloves / $400 full system. Email me to order.

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Okay, now I have another place for people to see whats going on with Shot in the Dark. I want to invite everyone to please post images of their characters using our products. In doing so I'll send out a free Shot in the Dark Scare Tools shirt. Thanks, Mike. http://www.facebook.com/ShotInTheDarkScareTools


New Products For October

Gun Sling
Gun Sling

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